We are so excited to share our BCCB Pet Interviews with you! We have so many incredible friends in the pet industry that have years and years of accumulated knowledge and experience. Grab a cup of coffee or wine and join us for BCCB Pet Interviews!!!!


Kasey Herrera of 2SpeakDog!

We are so excited about our interview with, Kasey Herrera, of 2SpeakDog, here in Richmond, VA. 

Kasey is a wonderful friend and she is ALSO one of Bentley St George's FAVORITE people! He has had an in-home lesson with "Miss Kasey" and has also completed Obedience 1 with her at their facility.

Kasey is so talented and intelligent... she really DOES know how to "speak dog".

She can be seen at all the dog events in town-usually with at least one giant Great Dane by her side. She is a board member for our beloved, FETCH a Cure, and she also manages the Pixie's Pen Pals program and Friends of FETCH.

She is one BUSY lady!

We hope you enjoy this interview and if you're interested in using 2SpeakDog, they come HIGHLY recommended and their contact info is below!


7320 Capehart Rd, Henrico, VA 23294