Zuke's - the only treats we use in appointments and at home!


I find that it's really difficult to talk about food and treats and to truly recommend any product(s) without hesitation, but I never hesitate with Zuke's. These tasty treats are safe, palatable, and have quality ingredients that I feel safe giving to both my patients and my own dogs.

I started loving Zuke's when I opened my practice and wanted to find a treat that would be safe to give all of my patients. Many pets battle allergic skin disease, renal insufficiency, digestive disorders, etc and have special requirements regarding their ingestion of potential allergens, protein content, fat content, etc. 

Zuke's has something for everyone! My go-to treats at work are the Yummy Berry Blend, the Tasty Greens, and the Venison Filets. I chose these recipes for their lack of wheat, soy, and corn and for the fact that their ingredients are so healthy. The greens and the berry blend are full of anti-oxidants and the venison is a great protein for dogs that are sensitive to chicken, beef, lamb, etc.

And the best part?!?!?!? DOGS LOVE THEM!!!!!!!! It is very, VERY rare that I have a patient that is not interested in ANY of these flavors. And my patient happiness is paramount. The patients love them so much that I have started selling them to clients because they can see that these treats make their pups happy. 

Additionally, I have exclusively used these treats at home for my own dogs. 

With our late elderly dog, Chewy, we started using the treats listed above because he had allergic skin disease that was triggered by chicken and beef. And he was obsessed with ALL flavors, especially the Venison filets! And then, at the ripe old age of 17, he decided to eat a dish towel and had to have that removed as well as his gall bladder. After his gall bladder was removed, he had a very sensitive stomach and was only able to digest foods that were low in fat. The Tasty Greens and Berry Blends were a perfect solution for his condition. 

And now, with our puppy, we use the Puppy Naturals (for training/high value treat), the Calming Treats when we leave him alone at home, and the Fresh Breath treats when we want to clean up a mouth that is stinky, has just eaten something gross (which happens very often), and want to just enhance dental health! 

And lastly, if I had cats, I would absolutely use their cat treats too! 

Located in Durango, CO, the Zuke's family is committed to health in pets and their philosophy is as follows: "

We believe that what’s good for humans, is good for pets. And our dogs have taught us that when you get healthier, you feel happier. Living that healthy life together is what keeps us going. From a visit to the dog park, to a stroll around the block, to a hike in the mountains, we believe “You can find adventure anywhere.” -Zuke's website

And I tend to agree! 

Also, their ingredients are top notch. The list and description of these ingredients is extensive and the source of these ingredients is always listed. And they are never sourced from China. And the descriptions and pictures are so helpful and beautiful! It makes you want to feed your pet these nutritious treats exclusively from here on out.

Check out their beautiful and informative website here.

And their extensive and inspirational ingredient page here.

And an exciting new addition to their list of offerings is their new food, Zuke's Ascent!!!!! We'll chat about this in another blog article, but it gets two thumbs up from us at BCCB Pet!