Therapeutic Massage For Pets

Chances are good that you've received a massage or two in your lifetime. 

And we all know how relaxing and de-stressing a good massage can be.

But therapeutic massage can also be used to treat medical conditions. 

It's common to see human massage therapists offering massage services ranging from fibromyalgia therapy to pregnancy massages and beyond.

Similar types of massage treatments are available for your pets! 

It's a modality that's often overlooked but one that can have extremely rewarding results.

Therapeutic Massage is especially effective when combined with other modalities such as acupuncture or laser therapy. 

Performed alone or in addition to other modalities, Therapeutic Massage has been shown to produce the following results:

  • Stimulate circulation
  • Reduce inflammation and painfulness in joints
  • Strengthen muscle tone and increase range of motion
  • Create a positive effect on the contractual and release process of the muscles, helping to release tension and relax muscles
  • Promote the healing process by improving the flow of nutrients to muscles and the disposal of excess fluids and toxins
  • Help to maintain the body's physical condition

You can even perform basic massage techniques at home with your pet to improve your dog's health. Doing so will allow you to become more familiar with your dog's body in case any changes occur and will also allow you to notice any soreness or other symptoms your pet might have. It's an especially great way to keep an eye out for tumors or other ailments that may need to be examined by your veterinarian.