Bundle Up!!!! The Winter Storm of 2017 is coming!!!! Here's the best jacket to get for your dog...

Photo courtesy of Hurtta.

Photo courtesy of Hurtta.

It seemed like winter might be over, but Old Man Winter isn't done yet! The snow arrived today and I had to pull this jacket out again... Immediately, I was reminded of how much l love it!

I got this coat for Bentley, our puppy, back in the fall, so it is a little on the snug side now. Though it's not a perfect fit anymore, the features and quality that it provides are just the same.

The coat that I'm speaking of is the Hurtta Extreme Warmer.

This is one of their newer products and I think it's pretty awesome! Hurtta is a company based in Finland, so they know their stuff about the cold! This jacket is a testament to that.

The "Extreme Warmer" has some progressive features that you won't find in just any coat. 

The most notable is the heat reflective foil that lines the coat. It traps body heat and reflects it back to the dog, making it extra warm. It reminds me of the foil that marathon runners wrap themselves in after a race - very inventive and advanced!

And it's soft - inside and out! You would think the foil would be uncomfortable, but this coat is soft enough to use as a pillow! Word of caution-the fabric COULD tear if your dog is wearing it while rough-housing!

Another cool feature of this coat is the hood. It extends up to right behind the ears and can be extended even further to cover the ears in extreme climates. This provides an extra level of warmth that most coats just don't have. The hood can be cinched too, so it will help to keep your dog neck and ears nice and warm/dry in the snow. 

In addition to the neck being adjustable, the length of the coat in the back is also slightly alterable. This is great for making it adaptable to changes in size/age and also for the dog that might have a unique conformation (Pugs, I'm talking to you!). There are two leg straps that are not cumbersome and seem to be well-tolerated that help to keep this in place while your dog is romping around with wild abandon!

If your dog is past the romping age, I would also recommend this for them.. As dogs age, it becomes more difficult for them to thermoregulate (maintain their body temperature), so keeping them warm and comfortable in the winter is hugely important. This coat slips easily over the head and neck and then wraps around the bottom, so your geriatric friend does not have to step in to wear it.

If your dog has a big, blocky head, I would suggest going directly to the Hurtta website and doing the measurements they suggest and then calling them with the information and asking them to advise on the appropriate size based on your dogs specific physical attributes. The width of the neck/hood is not adjustable, so this part is important to get right.

Another few great features are that the outside of this coat has a waterproof film, so you don't have to worry about the jacket becoming water-logged and making your dog even colder. There are also reflective strips on the front and back for safety on night walks. And there is an opening on the top for the leash in the larger sizes and a ring to connect the leash in smaller ones. They thought of everything!

The price point is on the higher side for this coat, but the unique features make it worth it in my mind. If Chewy was alive, I wouldn't have hesitated to get one for him and Bentley is very happy with his! 

Hurtta North America is a great site for all kinds of gear!

Stay tuned for more in the future - especially as we approach the spring and summer!

We will chat about their awesome cooling vest!