If You're Looking for an Awesome Bed for Your Pet, Look No Further...

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If you're in the market for a new bed for your pup, check out Bowsers Pet Products. I've been a loyal customer of theirs for about 5 years and have never been disappointed!

I started using Bowsers Beds when I opened my office in 2012. My patients always loved and continue to love laying on these beds during their appointments and I loved these beds so much that I have used them at home ever since!

Chewy loved his Bowsers beds and now Bentley St George loves his as well. In fact, as I write this, Bentley is curled up beside me in his handsome Crescent bed.

This is a company that I know and trust and will only use their beds from now on...


When looking for a dog bed, I try to find a bed that is:

  • safe
  • attractive
  • versatile
  • easy to clean
  • durable
  • comfortable

Bowsers beds satisfy ALL of these requirements.

Safe: The fabrics are safe. They are all Oeko-Tex certified meaning they are constructed without the use of harsh chemicals and also do not contain harmful chemicals or substances. This is great for dogs with sensitive skin and great for your dog's overall health as well as the health of the other members of your family. 

These beds are available in so many different styles as well, so for an older dog, there are styles that are easier for them to get in and out of, for them to turn around in a bed, and that support their musculoskeletal system. 


Attractive: The fabrics that Bowsers uses are upholstery grade and are SUPER attractive! They have 100+ fabric options and they are always adding more to keep up with decor trends. The look of these beds was what initially drew me to these beds several years ago. They are beautiful. Instead of your dog's bed being an eyesore in your home's aesthetic, these beds can actually add to and integrate beautifully into your space.

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Versatile: Bowsers has a very good variety of bed shapes and sizes, so you are sure to be able to find one that will suit your space and the needs of your dog. They have crate mattresses that can be used anywhere in the house, can go in the car, and can be a travel bed. A lot of the beds are reversible with a cooler fabric on one side and a warmer fabric on the other. This is excellent for changes in season and is also nice to change up the look of your home.

They also have buttercup beds that are super versatile! They can either be used as a flat cushion bed or can be cinched up to make a cozy hideaway. And these are great for cats too! 

buttercup bed.jpg

Easy to Clean: Having used these beds at work for the past several years and also having them at home with a geriatric dog (Chewy), I am happy to report that these beds are very easy to clean. The fabrics are all machine washable and the cushions that don't have zippers are machine washable as well. They also have easy to order and reasonably priced replacement parts if part of the bed is soiled and not able to be cleaned. 

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Durable: Durability is ALWAYS a concern when talking about a bed for your dog. These beds stand up to the test. They are made "in house" in Canada and are inspected for quality before they leave the warehouse. Bowsers also uses the highest quality zippers (the same as those used in the luggage industry) to ensure that closures are secure and will not break. I have used the same beds in the office for 5+ years and can say that I have never had to replace any part of the beds for breaking down. The foam interior is very sturdy and hasn't lost it's cushiony strength. They even have beds that are made for the outdoors! They have partnered with Sunbrella fabrics to provide outdoor comfort for your pup!

Comfortable: This is one of the most impressive features of Bowsers beds. Having used these in appointments and at home, I haven't seen a dog that doesn't love these beds. My sister's dog doesn't usually lay in beds, but he loved the Crescent bed so much that he commandeered it at the beach! They have a selection of orthopedic beds that are wonderful for older dogs with joint disease. And the crate mattresses are so plush and comfortable that you don't feel bad leaving your dog in the crate overnight or while you're at work! They also have a bed that was originally made for travel/fitting in the back of an SUV, but it would also be perfect for an older dog that might not be able to step up into a bed or needs a little more firmness to get up out of the bed/turn around in it. 

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Bowsers Pet Products also makes other beautiful products such as runners, bowls/feeders, leashes and collars, blankets, crate covers, and more.  Their customer service department is very responsive and friendly. You can buy Bowsers on their site directly, through Amazon, or through BCCB Pet.