Meet the Team!


BCCB = Brian, Courtney, Chewy, Bentley

BCCB Pet is a family



and Courtney met in Richmond, VA in 2008 where a wonderful friendship turned into a lifetime love.  Brian has always been the rock for Dr C as she started her business and went through the trials and tribulations of veterinary practice along with entrepreneurship. Brian has been with her every step of the way with her veterinary career and is her sounding board for all things marketing.  Dr C and Brian both loved Chewy very much and were always thinking that they needed to share tips that he taught them about caring for older dogs, so here they are with BCCB Pet! Brian is the creative force behind BCCB Pet, helps Courtney with everything, and is now an incredible dog dad to, Bentley St. George.


is a veterinarian in Richmond, VA and is one of the "C" 's in BCCB. Dr Courtney founded BCCB with a desire to share the knowledge and information that she has learned over her 10+ years in the veterinary industry.  And she is not alone.  She will be interviewing other veterinarians to get their opinions and valuable lessons as well as give you an insight into the lives of the pet professionals that are such a valuable part of our lives.

Dr Courtney attended vet school in the Caribbean at St George's University. This was such  wonderful experience and gave her an insight into veterinary techniques and schools of thought from around the world. This is where she met her beloved, Chewy, her lifetime dog ... and he was by her side for 14 years after that.  After her three years of studies in Grenada (and with a new dog), Dr C spent her 4th year of vet school at NC State College of Veterinary Medicine. After graduation, Dr C spent the next year and a half in equine internships in both private practice and at the Va Tech Veterinary Teaching Hospital.  

She then moved to Richmond, VA with Chewy and held positions at an equine hospital and a small animal hospital before opening her practice, Central Virginia Veterinary & Acupuncture.  

This practice focuses on acupuncture, laser therapy, and massage and is located in Richmond, VA. Dr C is still in practice and the name of the practice has recently changed, but the services are the same! 


was the kind of dog that everyone loved and respected. He grew up as a wild dog on the beaches of Grenada in a pack.  Dr C and Chewy hit it off immediately and she decided that he needed to come home with her and the rest is history.  Chewy became a patient teaching dog in vet school, then became Dr C's best vet assistant on farm calls and then in the clinic.  He was never far from her side and he enhanced her life in so many ways.

When Brian came into Dr C's life, she worried that maybe Chewy would be jealous and uninviting. It was quite the contrary. Chewy and Brian developed a bond built on trust and loyalty and a mutual respect that made their bond so very special.

Dr C and Brian lost their best friend, Chewy, on August 1st, 2016. To date, this has been the most difficult period of both of their lives as individuals and as a couple. This website is a labor of love to honor Chewy's memory and also to spread this love to others and help them with the trials of senior dog care.  Hopefully, Chewy's spirit can help other dogs in their golden years as well.

And not to be forgotten...

 Bentley St George  

Dr C and Brian were still reeling from the passing of Chewy when they saw a little face on the Grenada SPCA Facebook page.  There was something about the eyes and the mannerisms in this 6 week old puppy that spoke to them and made them believe that Chewy had sent this pup to them to help with their grief and to also give an abandoned dog a home like he had.  After much deliberation and a lot of arranging, Dr C and Brian flew to Grenada to pick up, Bentley St George. In addition to adopting this puppy, they flew Chewy's ashes back to the beach where Dr C and he met and had a beautiful ceremony for him on Grand Anse Beach.  It was a beautiful trip and they came back with a beautiful pup.  Bentley was born the day that Chewy passed and his Grenadian Pothound genes are strong.  Bentley's puppy days have been crazy, but they are providing lots of great ideas for BCCB Pet too! 

And there you have, BCCB Pet

Dr C, Brian, and Bentley! 

Dr C, Brian, and Bentley!